Inaugural Wine+Tech Meetup at CLINIC


Selosse, Clos Ste Hune, Bruno Claire, Fourrier, Leoville Barton, and more!

You may think that alcohol and technology don’t mix, and in many cases, we would agree. You wouldn’t want to be downing tequila shots before provisioning a new server, or sipping sangria while shipping a new release, that’s for sure. But when your company works with some of the best restaurants in the world, it helps to have a working knowledge of the industry in order to best serve your clients. Thus our predilection for fine wine and spirits here in the CLINIC offices.

We decided to open up our cellars and share the wealth last week with the first of hopefully many Wine+Tech meetups here in the office.

The open invite went out to our food/beverage/hospitality clients and other friends in the industry. We had a great turn-out and drank some great wines (grower champagne from the master, esoteric Burgundy, vaunted riesling from Alsatian riesling royalty, and more bottles that guests brought to share). New bonds were formed, palates were expanded, conversations blossomed, and great snacks were consumed (provided by our friends at Eastern District).

We hope to make this a regular occurrence, so if you’re interested in attending, follow us on Instagram or Twitter and keep an eye out for announcements!