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Net Neutrality is Dead, What That Means

The FCC, headed by probable Telco Henchman Ajit Pai, just voted to repeal Net Neutrality rules put in place during the Obama administration. These protections were enacted to protect consumers from having their internet traffic de-prioritized by Internet Service Providers for any reason, whether that be content-based, source-based or otherwise. 

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End Hold Music Forever!

Recently, as one of our partners was calling into the office, he had to endure a brief hold on our VoIP phone system that was accompanied by tinny-sounding and objectively bad instrumental music. It was a painful and effective reminder of one of the “little things” that affects customer experience, and it got us thinking, why do we even have hold music at all?

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FaceID on the iPhone X

Another Summer has gone by and pumpkin flavored coffee is back on the menu at your favorite coffee spot. Holiday commercials are in full swing and oh yeah, a new iPhone is out. Actually, two new iPhone models are available but let’s talk about the iPhone X. Specifically lets discuss the shiny new addition: FaceID.

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